Carl Casale

Carl Casale is a prominent agriculture and venture capital figure, bringing over four decades of insightful experience. His unique background as a fourth-generation farmer melds seamlessly with his extensive corporate leadership, equipping him with a rare blend of practical agricultural knowledge and strategic business acumen. His understanding of the evolving agricultural systems and the burgeoning ag tech sector has positioned him as a respected thought leader, influencing sustainable food production and agricultural technology advancement.

As a Senior Agricultural Partner in venture capital, he has played a pivotal role in driving innovation and creating new opportunities within the agricultural and food industries. His strategic input at Ospraie Ag Science, part of Ospraie Management, is instrumental in guiding Ag Tech companies towards growth and success. Under his guidance, Ospraie Ag Science has invested in nineteen companies, thereby enhancing the efficiency and productivity of farmers. Moreover, he holds influential positions as Board Chairman for Agragene and Agrospheres and serves as a board member for Agricola Cerro Prieto, a critical agricultural firm in Peru.

His tenure as CEO and President of CHS, Inc., the largest farmer-owned agribusiness in the U.S., marks a significant milestone in his career. Under his leadership, CHS, Inc. achieved remarkable growth, with revenues reaching $40 billion. Carl Casale's strategic management and fiscal discipline were key in nearly doubling the company's balance sheet.

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